PAE Living Building

Location: Portland, OR
Architect: ZGF Architects
Products: Quasar Series Chain Actuators & Relay Station Control Panels
Glazing Co: Cascadia Windows and Doors
About the Project
The building embodies PAE’s vision to help solve the planet’s energy and water challenges. Set to be the world’s first developer-driven Living Building, the five-story, mixed-use building will demonstrate replicable and cost-effective solutions for sustainable design removing barriers to entry for highly sustainable projects while revitalizing the community. The building has zero recirculated air, instead relying on manually operable and automatic windows along with 100% outside air heat recovery ventilators. The upper windows open automatically when the correct conditions are met, while the lower windows can be manually operated for fresh air on demand. Quasar Series chain actuators are paired with Relay Station Control Panels.

Architecturally speaking, the windows took inspiration from the historical neighborhood. Many of the surrounding buildings were designed before electricity, and thus the windows needed to be tall to let in as much natural light as possible.