Burke Museum of Natural History

Location: Seattle, WA
Architect: Olson Kundig Architects
Products: EM2 Chain Actuators, CoreControl Panels
Glazing Co: Eastside Glass

About the Project
The Burke Museum serves as a coherent, effective container that would allow for flexibility over time. The building’s rational scheme holds the complexity of the Burke’s activities and collections, both now and into the future. A key design goal for the building was to create maximum transparency, making every part of the Burke exposed and part of the visitor experience. Dual entrances help link the museum to its context, connecting to both the University of Washington campus and the surrounding community. A 24-foot-by-20-foot pivoting window wall continues the emphasis on transparency to literally open the Burke to the nature of a new outdoor courtyard. Automated awning windows provide natural ventilation and are controls with the CoreControl Series panels. The project certified LEED® Gold.