Karl Miller Center – Portland State University

Location: Portland, OR
Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Boston with SRG Partnership, Inc.
Products: LM2, LM2 Tandem and Synchro Vega Series Chain Actuators
Glazing Co: Culver Glass

About the Project
Centered around a five-story glass atrium that is animated with activities, the School of Business benefits from a diverse program. Taking advantage of Portland’s temperate climate, all new construction is designed without any mechanical cooling equipment. Utilizing passive sustainable strategies to minimize the environmental impact while simultaneously prioritizing human comfort and wellbeing, this new social hub is expected to achieve LEED Platinum status; continuing Portland State University’s reputation as an institution dedicated to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. LM2, LM2 Tandem and Synchro Vega Series actuators are used on awning windows.