About AFI
Automated Fenestration Inc (AFI) is a leader in actuator & control systems for natural ventilation and smoke evacuation of windows and skylights. Casting a long shadow in the fenestration industry, Automated Fenestration Inc was previously the automation division of Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) and is now a fully independent UL Listed Powerhouse with a long standing reputation in the industry since 1987. We have expanded many times and now are the leader in automated fenestration in the United States.

Our mission
We take automation to the next level. We offer true flagship solutions to commercial, institutional and residential markets. Innovating the fenestration industry over the past 30 years, Automated Fenestration Inc offers control over natural ventilation to any who need control. Whether basic environmental control or smoke & heat extraction, we offer fully integrated solutions including Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Management Systems (BMS), Home Automation Systems, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC).

We make client satisfaction our number one priority by providing the very best in support to ensure a successful project commissioning. Our staff has the history and experience to provide support tailored to your specific needs.

Saving energy one project at a time
Window and skylight actuators along with AFI controls are lower building energy costs by utilizing natural ventilation. Every AFI project is progress towards a cleaner, brighter future.

No two projects are exactly alike, we provide solutions that tailor your goals and expectations.