RS Series Panels

Multi-channel window, skylight & vent controller.

  • Powered control panels for 24VDC actuators
  • UL listed, self-contained, installation-ready unit
  • One-touch open/close control using switch #SW-5686 (See accessories)
  • Quick connect input and output terminals
  • Each unit contains a fully regulated DIN rail mounted power supply along with appropriate mounting terminals for a complete UL listed solution
  • Applications

    For Commercial, institutional and residential projects, including schools, universities, municipal buildings, offices, gymnasiums, homes, condos, and more.

    RS Series Panels act as an interface between AFI DC Actuators and Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems such as Building Automation or Management Systems (BAS or BMS), Home Automation Systems or Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC).

    Almost any operable opening can be automated: awning (top-hinged), hopper (bottom-hinged), casement (side-hinged), hung or sliding windows; parallel windows (hinged on 4 sides); skylights, curtain wall and other vents.

    Natural Ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, save energy and lower operating costs by reducing air conditioning and heating use.

    LEED credits for green building projects can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.

    Smoke Evacuation systems reduce smoke, heat and casualties during a fire; AFI actuators are SHE certified.


  • Options

    The RS series is available in two configurations, see chart below.

    Optional AFI Field Power Switch: For use with AFI DC Actuators, for testing, installation and maintenance, such as to extend the chain to attach to a window at installation. For connecting one to 3 actuators (up to 1.0 amps total of actuators at startup).

  • Warranty

    AFI UL Control Panels have 2-year AFI warranty against manufacturing defects.