LM2 EasyDrive SmartMotion Actuator

Off-center chain orientation actuator.

  • Concealed automated operation of multiple awning windows, hopper windows, casement windows, curtain wall vents, and skylights
  • Ideal for smart buildings; integrates with building and home automation systems
  • LM2 EasyDrive is certified for Smoke & Heat Extraction (SHE)
  • Low voltage DC motors are energy efficient
  • Multiple actuators may be linked for simultaneous operation of multiple windows
  • Push force up to 150 N (34 lbf)
  • Pull force up to 200 N (45 lbf)
  • Opening distance ranges from 21mm to 500mm approx.
  • UL Recognized
  • Applications

    • For automated operation of awning windows, hopper windows, casement windows, curtain wall vents, and skylights.
    • For commercial, institutional and residential projects, including schools, universities, municipal buildings, offices, gymnasiums, homes, condos, and more.
    • Natural Ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, save energy and lower operating costs by reducing air conditioning and heating use.
    • LEED credits for green building projects can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.
    • Smoke Evacuation systems reduce smoke, heat and casualties during a fire; AFI actuators are SHE certified.
  • Actuator Features

    • LM2 EasyDrive actuators are light duty operators,
      with compact casing and low noise operation.
    • Push force: Up to 150N (34 lbf)
    • Pull force: 200N (44 lbf)
    • Actuator has stainless steel chain for rigidity and
      durability; Chain is off-center in casing.
    • Can be concealed in frame or curtain wall
    • UL Recognized
    • Integrated cycle counter automatically keeps count
      of open-closed cycles during life of actuator
    • Actuators available in Grey, White or other RAL colors
    • Prewired with 3.1 meter cable
    • Tested to 10,000 cycles
  • Pre-Programmed EasyDrive Features


    Chain Stroke: 21mm up to 500mm (varies by model)
    Speed Adjustment: Programmable from 10mm/sec down to 4mm/sec for quiet operation
    Speed Reduction: For the last seconds of closing, as a safety precaution.
    Seal Relief Adjustment: Between 0-20mm to protect sash at closed position.
    Feedback Signal: OPEN or CLOSE can be selected

    Tandem Capability
    Must be specified at order

  • Specifications


    Opening: 20 mm up to 500 mm chain stroke
    Push Force: 34 lbf (150 N)
    Pull Force: 44 lbf (200 N)
    Speed: approximately 10 mm (0.39 inch) per second
    Safety Marks: UL Recognized
    Use with: AFI UL Actuator & Control System
    DC voltage: 24 Vdc (-20% / +25%) low voltage
    Amp rating: 0.7 amps approx. at 200N full load
    Power cable: UL cable 3 meter included, black color
    Dimensions: 30 x 48 mm (1-3/16” H x 1-7/8” W ) x length varies with chain
    Brackets: Sold separately, see LM Brackets & Accessories Data Sheet
  • Options

    • Available in standard grey, white, black or other colors
    • Other RAL colors on request, see accessory data sheet
    • UL cable 3 meter included, black color
    • Brackets sold separately, see LM2 Brackets Data Sheet

    AFI Field Power Switch: For use with AFI DC Actuators, for testing, installation and maintenance, such as to extend the chain to attach to a window at installation. For connecting one to 3 actuators (up to 1.0 amps total of actuators at startup).

  • Warranty

    • Tested to 10,000 cycles.
    • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty; requires use according to Installation Guide recommendations.