Stanford University – Y2E2 Building

Location: Stanford, CA
Architect: BORA Architects
Products: Vega Series Chain Actuators
Glazing Co: Walters & Wolf

About the Project
The first facility built on Stanford’s new Science & Engineering Quad, the Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2) pioneered a new organizational model that clustered occupants by research type rather than academic department to encourage interdisciplinary synergies. Four contemporary atria rise to the full height of the building, visually connecting floors and users and emphasizing transparency, while dense pockets of shared amenities help facilitate academic and social activity.

Designed as the University’s most sustainable building, Y2E2 established a new benchmark for high-performing facilities at Stanford and transformed campus-wide building standards. The LEED Platinum facility’s achievements include 55% less energy usage and 90% reduced potable water use compared to similar buildings—particularly noteworthy for a laboratory building and befitting the environmental and energy research taking place within.