Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Location: Los Altos, CA
Architect: Noll & Tam
Products: Quasar Series Actuators and RS-4 Control Panel
Glazing Co: AAC

About the Project
Midpen’s success in growing the regional greenbelt has created an office space issue for the District. Since voters created the District in 1972, Midpen’s focus has grown from primarily acquiring land for preservation to a more balanced delivery of its mission that also includes restoration and stewardship of natural resources, opening land for public enjoyment and education and supporting sustainable agriculture on the San Mateo County coast. Midpen has been leasing additional office space since 2013 to house the staff necessary to accommodate this growth.
The newly purchased building required reconfiguration to meet Midpen’s needs. The building was divided into multiple private office suites, and lacked public meeting space and accessibility. The cost estimate for the current design is approximately $27 million. The repurposed building is expected to serve Midpen and the public for the long term.
This project features Quasar motor equipped awning windows with window screens for natural ventilation.