Genentech Inc Headquarters

Location: San Fransisco, CA
Architect: Perkins + Will
Products: EM2 Series Actuators and RQ Control Panels
Glazing Co: Walters & Wolf

About the Project
The project features contemporary design aesthetic, modern materials, and a flexible interior plan. The design includes two office wings connected by a large, beautiful atrium using automated awning windows powered by EM2 Series actuators.

Genentech’s Hilltop A Building 35 is a 7 story corporate building for 1,150 Grenetech associates. Additional teams contributing to the design and construction include Perkins+Will, Arup, Tocci, and Webcore as GC.

The building is important, not just as the newest on their site but because it incorporated a series of novel design studies intended to enhance this building as well as provide a basis for enhanced design of future construction on their campus. Genentech has undertaken an aggressive program on its South San Francisco site to upgrade existing buildings and to ensure all new buildings are state-of-the-art.