Howard Community College – SET Building

Location: Columbus, MD
Products: Twin Synchro Vega and RQ Control Panel
Glazing Co: Zephyr Aluminum

About the Project

The Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Building sets the standard for community college science buildings in Maryland. This dynamic building, modeled after the shape of a canyon, inspires scientific discovery among the student body and the wider community. The thoughtful interior organization, which further draws upon the geological strata of a canyon as inspiration, ensures easy circulation while exposing users to multiple disciplines in a single visit. The SET’s strategic use of windows and skylights, enclosed and informal study spaces, and open classrooms all aim to put ‘science on display’ to the entire campus.

As a gateway building in Howard Community College’s new science quad, its materiality and design complement the existing facilities to establish a distinct identity for this new precinct. Sitting on a prominent site, transparency, and visibility are a continuous theme inside and out. All approaches and views are carefully designed to be responsive to their contexts while maintaining the purpose of sharing science education with the community.