College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Location: Tucson, AZ
Architect: Richard | Kennedy Architects
Products: VCD203 ACB Series Actuators and PSP Power Supplies
Glazing Co: Arcadia / Romanoski Glass

About the Project
The West Building has been through several iterations. Aging HVAC systems no longer meet code requirements for ventilation of densely occupied spaces and were replaced with new equipment that delivers more fresh outside air through an efficient energy recovery ventilator that also provides a purge exhaust mode for removing harmful contaminants all tied to an automated window system that provides natural ventilation when appropriate.
The North Curtain Wall
The North Curtain Wall with it’s automated operable parallel-projecting windows providing natural ventilation to studio spaces will serve as pedagogical tools for our students. The system is visible, interactive and facilitates data collection as it relates to designing and monitoring healthy indoor environments.