GVL 8304-K-UL

Single Group Control Panel

  • Powered control panel for 24VDC actuators
  • UL Recognized, self-contained, installation-ready unit
  • Compatible with Wind and Rain sensors (See accessories)
  • Applications

    For Commercial, institutional and residential projects, including schools, universities, municipal buildings, offices, gymnasiums, homes, condos, and more.

    GVL Series Panels act as an interface between AFI DC Actuators and controls (wind sensor, rain sensor, control switch).

    Almost any operable opening can be automated: awning (top-hinged), hopper (bottom-hinged), casement (side-hinged), hung or sliding windows; parallel windows (hinged on 4 sides); skylights, curtain wall and other vents.

    Natural Ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, save energy and lower operating costs by reducing air conditioning and heating use.

    LEED credits for green building projects can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.

    Smoke Evacuation systems reduce smoke, heat and casualties during a fire; AFI actuators are SHE certified.

  • Options

    REM 42 Rain sensor, perfectly suited for SHEV and window/skylight control panels.

    WRS-S Wing/Rain sensor. 16 wind level limit levels. Heated rain sensor for accurate monitoring. Can be wall of post mounted.

    LT 84-U Designed for flush-mount installation, the LT 84-U features a double-button and is used to control ventilation groups.

    RTR 231 Thermostat for automatic control of ventilation openings.

  • Warranty

    5-year manufacturer’s warranty; requires use according to Installation Guide recommendations