KCDM Series Actuator

DC chain actuator.

  • Easy to install on the sash or frame with concealed consoles that allow a 60° opening angle
  • Simple connection of several motors using plug connectors that can be connected on both sides
  • Speed ​​< 5 mm/s in CLOSE -Direction (anti-pinch protection)
  • Ideal for smart buildings; integrate with building and home automate systems
  • Automated operation of multiple awning windows, hopper windows, casement windows, curtain wall vents, and skylights
  • Adjustable sealing relief
  • Low voltage DC motors are energy efficient
  • Multiple actuators may be linked for simultaneous operation of multiple windows (up to 4 drives & additional connection of up to 2 locking motors)
  • Push/Pull Force up to 450N (101 lbft)
  • Opening width: Up to 1000mm
  • UL Recognized