CDs EasyDrive SmartMotion Actuator

SmartMotion DC chain actuator.

  • Ideal for smart buildings; integrate with building and home automate systems
  • Automated operation of multiple awning windows, hopper windows, casement windows, curtain wall vents, and skylights
  • CDs EasyDrive is certified for Smoke & Heat Extraction (SHE)
  • Low voltage DC motors are energy efficient
  • Multiple actuators may be linked for simultaneous operation of multiple windows
  • Push/Pull Force up to 300 N (68 lbf)
  • Pre-programmed opening from 21mm up to 600mm
  • UL Recognized
  • Applications

    • For concealed automation of awning windows, hopper windows, casement windows, curtain wall vents or skylights.
    • For commercial, institutional and residential projects, including schools, universities, municipal buildings, offices, gymnasiums, homes, condos, and more.
    • Natural Ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, save energy and lower operating costs by reducing air conditioning and heating use.
    • LEED credits for green building projects can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.
    • Smoke Evacuation systems reduce smoke, heat and casualties during a fire; AFI actuators are SHE certified.
  • Actuator Features

    CDs EasyDrive actuators are medium duty operators, with compact casing and low noise operation.
    Push force: Up to 300N (67 lbf)
    Pull force: 300N (67 lbf)
    Actuator has stainless steel chain for rigidity and durability; Chain is off-center in casing
    Integrated cycle counter automatically keeps count of open-closed cycles during life of actuator
    Actuators available in Silver color
    Tested to 10,000 cycles
    Interconnectors fit flush into the actuator body
    Can be plugged into either side of the actuator
    Tandem Capability
    Must be specified at order
  • Pre-Programmed EasyDrive Features


    Chain Stroke: Pre-programmed opening from 21mm up to 600mm
    Speed Adjustment: Programmable from 10mm/sec down to 4mm/sec for quiet operation
    Speed Reduction: For the last seconds of closing, as a safety precaution.
    Seal Relief Adjustment: Between 0-20mm to protect sash at closed position.
    Feedback Signal: OPEN or CLOSE can be selected
  • Specifications


    Opening: Pre-programmed opening from 21mm up to 600mm
    Force: 67 lbf. (300 N) push/pull
    Speed: Programmable from 10mm/sec down to 4mm/sec for quiet operation.
    Safety Marks: UL Recognized
    Use with: AFI UL Actuator & Control System
    DC voltage: 24 Vdc (-20% / +25%) low voltage
    Amp rating: 0.9 amps approx. at 300N full load
    Power cable: 3.1 meter connection cable can be connected on either side (sold separately)
    Dimensions: 26 x 38mm (1.02” H x 1.50” W ) x length varies with chain
    Signal feedback: Status signal open or closed available
  • Options

    AFI Field Power Switch: For use with AFI DC Actuators, for testing, installation and maintenance, such as to extend the chain to attach to a window at installation. For connecting one to 3 actuators (up to 1.0 amps total of actuators at startup).

    Mounting Bracket Options

  • Warranty

    • Tested to 10,000 cycles.
    • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty; requires use according to Installation Guide recommendations.